Training for success

There is nothing more important than training, maintaining, and retaining a competent staff. A universal training  solution is a powerful way to ensure that every member of your team receives the same level of training.

Establish how to train and how be trained in your laboratory

  • A central location for few hire onboarding documents and assigned training sessions
  • Reduce onboarding time by implementing standard training plan for all new hires
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on documentation by unlocking the full functionality of our platform
  • ​Just like SOPs (standard operation procedures), we help you create STP (standard training procedures)
  • Easily manage personnel and workflow, including documentation, review, and retrieval
  • Support a natural workflow with collaborative, transparent, and real-time documentation
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Get a comprehensive overview of the health of your laboratory from the dashboard.

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Notifications and binders

Never miss a deadline by setting your preferred notification schedule. ​​

Add all necessary documents to each employee's binder for easy access. ​ ​​

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Real-time traceable evidence and communication between the trainer and trainee.

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Never second guess where a trainee is in the process.