Frequently asked questions

Last updated - August, 2023

  • What type of laboratories can benefit from this application?

    This application can be used in any laboratory setting where training and competency must be performed. Clinical, non-clinical and private laboratories can now perform training and competency in a 💯 paperless format.

  • Will training and competency completed in The Proficient Lab meet regulatory requirements?

    Workflows capture timestamps, acknowledgments, reviews and approvals. After submission, data cannot be edited. All e-signatures executed in the The Proficient Lab meets 21 CFR part 11 regulatory requirements.

  • How secure is The Proficient Lab?

    The Proficient Lab is hosted by Microsoft. A world-class and world wide leader, providing hosting for some of the largest companies. All traffic and data on The Proficient Lab is encrypted and secure with HTTPS/SSL.

  • Can I store e-PHI in The Proficient Lab?

    No. Data in the Proficient Lab is encrypted and secure with HTTPS/SSL. However in compliance with HIPPA regulations, e-PHI should not be used for training and competency documentation and should not be stored in The Proficient Lab.

  • How easy is it to access The Proficient Lab?

    The Proficient Lab is provided as a Saas (software-as-a-service) and can be accessed from any internet connected device. There is no need to install software, no servers to deploy and no IT involvement from your organization.

  • Will my entire team access all functions in The Proficient Lab?

    The Proficient Lab provides role based access for users. This allows your administrator to grant and revoke access and permissions based on roles and responsibilities.

  • What is a Data Comparison Modelâ„¢ for training?

    A Data Comparison Modelâ„¢ allows both the trainee and trainer to enter their individual responses for the same question/unknown; allowing training data to be compared side by side.

  • How can I add users to my account?

    Users can be added by upgrading your account. If your organization requires more than 60 users please contact The Proficient Lab at

  • How do I reset my password?

    Contact your site administrator or The Proficient Lab at

  • How do cancel my account?

    Contact The Proficient Lab at