Competency made easy

Meeting competency standards is vital for patient safety and your labs success, but managing this important requirement often gets put on the backburner.  Labs who excel at prioritizing competency usually have a system in place to establish an understanding of what needs to be accomplished and a path to success mapped out.

Establish how to perform competency and how to remain competent in your laboratory

  • Get an inspection ready CLIA compliant framework to identify key competencies, develop criteria for evaluation, conduct evaluation, and document evidence
  • Save time on retrieving evidence with all compliance documentation stored in one place, making it easy to view and download full packages of evidence for any employee, anytime
  • Utilize a 5-point reminder system to ensure that due dates are never missed
  • ​Allow automation to assign and schedule all subsequent competencies placing your team on the road to success.
  • Easily manage personnel and workflow, including documentation, review, and retrieval
  • Support a natural workflow with collaborative, transparent, and real-time documentation
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Evaluation methods

All 6 (8 if you're in NY) CLIA evaluation methods are available for the choosing.

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Easily Search

Robust filters allow you to search for what you need when you need it in seconds.​

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End-to-end digital

A digital end-to-end process means that from start to finish you never have to print a sheet of paper and retrieving happens in seconds.

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Evidence of compliance

Multiple options to ensure that compliance documentation does not become a task on its own.​

All documentation and communication are date and time stamped to ensure traceability.​