About us

Short story​

After years of refining operations in laboratories, Unika (Nika) found herself constantly building training and competency programs for laboratories......the manual way. As a leader who embraces structure, she sought out to create a digital solution to eliminate the manual effort.

Serendipitously, through her husband and a close friend, she was introduced to Stas, a master software architect. With similar work ethics, desires for organization and structure, and the belief in the power of innovation, they formed an immediate connection.

With over 13 years of lab experience and 17 years of software development, the two have spent the last 4 years building out a state-of the-art platform for knowledge sharing and management in laboratories.

But why? ​

No matter how we slice it, lab results shape how we are diagnosed and treated as part of the public.

Every single American receives some form of care from a medical provider, research center, fertility center, etc, which then goes through an unpraised intermediate, the laboratory. Labs face critical issues in ensuring that personnel are trained and competent. Year after year, it is hands down, the number one deficiency called out by regulators.

Not knowing whether steps have been taken to ensure that the professionals running these test are trained and competency to produce accurate results did not sit well with us.

As life long problem solvers, we set out to support the lab by offering solutions to change the way internal lab knowledge is shared and retained. We built a collaborative space where knowledge and evidence can be standardized and shared with quality and efficiency being top of mind.

Our passionate founders

Unika Alexander

Unika Alexander

Co-founder and CEO
Stas Levich

Stas Levich

Co-founder and CTO